We’re Moving!

To my zillions and trillions and kajillion (which in my vocabulary translates to zero) readers out there, I have an exciting announcement! Nope, I’m not pregnant. That’s in another league of excitement. That would be like winning the lottery! This announcement is not as exciting, but the husband and I are so giddy about this topic. We’re moving to New Zealand!!!

Okay okay, I know most people are like, “It’s so boring there!”, “What are you gonna do there, tend to sheep?”, “What time do the malls close there?”, “It’s so far!”, etc. We get it, we get it. It’s not the exciting city life most people would wanna live in. But at this point in our lives (tandercatz), the hubby and I just want a laid back life. We’re looking forward to road trips, nature trips (please dear God let me get used to peeing in a disgusting bathroom), and getting a dog! For the past month we have been daydreaming about our life in New Zealand, how we would walk our golden retriever in the evening, hold barbecues in our backyard (if we can afford a house), and just drive around staring at the mountains staring back at us.

We are just about starting the process of visas and all, so I will definitely be posting updates on the process and maybe give out some tips to those who are also interested in relocating. Until then, wish us luck!! :)


Luci and I have been obsessing about a particular furniture/home décor store for a while now. We drool over their stuff on Instagram and dream of decorating our places with their stuff. So, when we had a meeting in the Kapitolyo area, we grabbed the chance to pass by their shop for the very first time. The place is called Heima. I have no idea how to pronounce it, Hey-ma, Hee-ma, whatevs! Basta yan spelling! :p Aaaand it was heaven for a girl, a nightmare for her husband if that’s what the girl wants for their apartment! :D I would categorize their stuff as shabby chic/hipster. And if your man is the typical masculine manly man, he will now allow you to decorate your place that way, or loves you so much, will allow you, but cringe from within.

But anyway, for us girls, their stuff are just way too cute!!!






The whole time we were there, we were daydreaming about putting up our own store and thinking of ways to decorate it! Libre lng naman mangarap! :)

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Visiting the store was pretty fun because we got to play around with the stuff, and didn’t get in trouble for it. :p But remember, lovely to look at, nice to hold, if you break it, consider yourself broke. Kidding! :D The Heima we visited was located at Unit 103, Three Brixton Bldg. #3 Brixton Street Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City.


Liza <3


For those who don’t know, Luci is not my lover, but my business partner. We are both married… to men. :D







My 34th :)

This year I turned 34. Ulk! I’d like to think age is just a number, but, unfortunately, it’s not. I feel myself getting old. I don’t feel as healthy as I did in the past, I can’t even indian sit for a measly 10 minutes anymore!! I feel tired easily, and my muscles don’t stretch as far anymore. And of course, there are the wrinkles, and jiggly arms. BUT, I am still grateful for this new year ahead of me! :) And, I am so happy to have been able to spend my birthday with my husband, who flew to Manila for a few days to celebrate with me. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to settle for a staycation in Manila. Our original plan was to fly to Hanoi and spend my birthday there. But since DFA manila has been having trouble meeting deadlines, my renewed passport has still not arrived. :( Anyway, we ended up booking an overnight stay at Marriot Resorts World via Agoda. When my husband and I saw the tub in the rooms of Marriot, we instantly told each other, “Book it!!!”. The tub just looks so relaxing! Kulang nlng rose petals ala American Beauty! So, for my birthday, we booked a room, and let the kids (meaning nephews) swim and spend the day with us. As the husband and I were lounging on beach chairs watching the 3 kids swim and play, we told ourselves how, we bet, having children is soooo difficult. My nephews were so kulit, shouting and running around even if we told them so many times not to do so. Yet, it was still so satisfying to see them so happy! :)

We really enjoyed our stay in Marriot. The people were so kind and accommodating, and they even gave me cake and wine for my birthday!! :) They’re such sweetiepies! :) I’ll have to apologize in advanced for the photos I took. I was just too excited to go to the poolside with the kids that I forgot to take decent shots of the hotel room! :( I hope these photos can do justice to the hotel!

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The tub that lured us to this hotel!

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The poolside was very relaxing, except for the view of that crane in the background! :p
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In conclusion, we, specially the kids, enjoyed our stay in Marriot and would definitely come back to this hotel for some r&r. :)

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Liza <3


Hey everyone! I have not been able to update my blog because I’ve been so busy with so many things!!! But I’m not complaining! Busy is good! :) I flew to Manila to wear my entrepreneur hat to help out my business partner Luci. We joined a bazaar with Mommymundo, which was held in Glorietta. It was our first time to join a bazaar being held in Glorietta, so I wanted to experience it first hand, and of course help out. :) It turned out great, plus, we got approached my someone who gave us a really really good, as in giddy good, opportunity!!! Luci and I still can’t believe it, but we are so so grateful to God for this opportunity. Luci and I really feel that Jesus has guided us throughout our journey with Little Luli. We are just so thankful and content with everything that He has been giving us. Thank You, Lord tlga!!!

Anyhoo, I still can’t talk about what exactly it is because it is still in the works, but once everything is all polished out and we’ve signed all contracts, I will definitely tell you guys! :) In the meantime, I will leave you with some photos from our latest bazaar in Manila! :)

Our booth! :)

photo (7)

Selfie selfie before looking (and feeling) haggard!photo (5)

Friends who shopped ’til they dropped or dropped by to catch up, which we appreciate!! :)

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Til our next bazaar! :)

photo (8)

Liza <3








Travel Tips: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

We’ve been to Kuala Lumpur twice.  First time was to visit my husband’s family who was based there during that time, and the second time was to take my parents around.  Kuala Lumpur is only about an hour away by flight from Singapore. It is so short that when I ordered cup noodles, I was barely halfway done when the pilot announced that we were landing! :/  So generally, flights from Singapore are usually cheap when booked through budget airlines. During our first time there, I booked our tickets when Jetstar (http://www.jetstar.com) had a buy 1 take 1 sale.  Buy 1 ticket get the second one free.  Our tickets cost around 60+ sgd, roundtrip for 2 people.  The second time, my mom paid for my ticket so I don’t know how much it was, but she booked it through Tigerair.

Our hotel, Swiss-Garden Hotel, was booked through Agoda.  The hotel was affordable, had clean rooms, spacious bathrooms, and even had a small outdoor area where you can hang out if you had free time.  The only downside was, that during the time we were there, there was this huge construction in the area and some of the sidewalks were blocked.  We had to literally walk on the road and the road was a VERY busy one.  Other than that, the area was okay.

Hanging out in the little veranda like area in the hotel.

ImageI booked our tour through www.bigtreetours.com.  Below are the details of the tour we took with them:

Time. : 0900hrs – 1700hrs
Rate. : RM 450 nett/van/day
Places : KLCC outside photo stop, King’s Palace, National Monument, Drive passed LakeGarden, National Mosque, Independence Square, Sultan Abdul Samad Building, Chocolate museum, Batu Caves

Our driver/tour guide was very friendly and patient.  He even let us stay as long as we wanted in the mall where the Petronas Towers were located. In addition to the places listed above, he also brought us to China Town and Little India.

During our free day, we opted to walk around the area where our hotel was located and discovered a whole strip of local restaurants.  The food was magnificent and cheap! :)



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Watch out for these monkeys at the Batu Caves! They’re trained to snatch cameras and other expensive items you may be carrying!


Liza ♥