New Year, New Flat! :)

SAMSUNG CSCThe last few weeks of 2013 was very hectic for me and the hubby.  Luci and I had a number of bazaars in Manila every weekend, the hubby flew in every now and then to visit me, plus it was Christmas, and lastly, we had to move to a new flat here in Singapore by December 27.  We flew in on the morning of December 27, took a short nap, and continued packing all our crap stuff to be moved to our new place by 5pm.  With only a few hours of sleep, we were able to move all our stuff by evening.  After which, we had to fix everything in the room so we could have a good night’s sleep.  It was all worth it, because this is the view we woke up to on our first morning here in our new flat. 🙂


The most exciting part about moving is being able to redecorate your room.  It was our chance to change the aura of our bedroom.  This time, the hubby and I wanted our room to be “maaliwalas” whether it was day or night.  We’re both firm believers that if our room is gloomy, we feel down as well.  Our previous room used to be all browns and a little bit of white. This time, we decided on using mostly whites and vintage colors.  I must admit, the room looks a little too girly for a guy, but I was lucky enough that the hubby gave me all the control in decorating our room. 🙂

The little details in our room give it a playful look.


The car and trailer are actually salt and pepper shakers we got on sale for $3.00 at Typo!  What a steal! 🙂  And in every flat we move into here in Singapore, we always keep our Bible near our bedside.  This is a very special Bible given to me by my good friend Jill as a going away present before I left for Singapore.

SAMSUNG CSCWhen Laurence and I saw these 2 art works in Typo, we instantly fell in love with them.  They were also on sale so we got both for only $18.00!


Since our room is quite small, and I have a LOT of stuff.  I had to think of a way to store everything in an organized manner, and in a way that I would be able to access things easily.  Good thing Ikea has clear containers that come in  different sizes!  So I organized our stuff into Little Luli stuff (which takes up 2 huge containers), electronics, toiletries, bags, etc., and stuffed all the clear boxes into one corner of the room.


And, since I work from home, I had to have a workstation where I can do my online work, or sew, or pattern, do the bills, or whatever else I need to do.


We’re very happy with the way we decorated our room, and our nights are more relaxing and cozy.  If there’s one thing I learned lately, it’s that when I let the sun shine through our window in the morning, I wake up feeling refreshed and it uplifts my mood.  Better mood means happy hormones, and may mean better chances of conceiving! 🙂




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