The Pill

ImageNope, I’m not talking about THE ever so famous contraceptive pill.  I’m talking about the opposite of that.  I’m talking about these babies here.

Clomifene Citrate are the fertility pills that I’m required to take for 2 cycles.  And the cheapskate in me bought the cheapest brand! Hahaha!!  Out of all the brands of fertility pills available in Mercury Drugstore, Fertly was the cheapest one, which cost me P100 per tab.  For 2 cycles, I need 20 tabs.  The other brands were about P200+, and 20 tabs cost almost P5,000! Hopefully, my cheapskateness (if there’s such a word, too tamad to google) won’t compromise our chances of getting pregnant!! :/

Anyway, my doctor saw that whenever I take Clomifene (I took it for 1 cycle before), my uterine lining gets too thin. This could be the reason why the egg (which could have been fertilized during that time, we don’t really know for sure) was not able to implant on my uterus.  Gosh, I don’t even know if what I’m saying is correct.  Basta that’s how I understood what she was saying!  So, because of this thinning of the uterine lining, I will be taking Progynova after taking Clomifene.  Progynova will give me more estrogen to help thicken my lining.  These are actually pills that are taken by people with menopause.  I am only taking a few of these pills and not the whole box.

Well, with all these pills, who knows how my mood swings will be!  Let’s just hope I don’t drive my husband crazy in the next 2 cycles! 😀


Please do not take what I’m taking without any supervision from an OB-GYN! These pills are dangerous if taken without your doctor’s consent. 🙂



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