We’re Moving!

To my zillions and trillions and kajillion (which in my vocabulary translates to zero) readers out there, I have an exciting announcement! Nope, I’m not pregnant. That’s in another league of excitement. That would be like winning the lottery! This announcement is not as exciting, but the husband and I are so giddy about this topic. We’re moving to New Zealand!!!

Okay okay, I know most people are like, “It’s so boring there!”, “What are you gonna do there, tend to sheep?”, “What time do the malls close there?”, “It’s so far!”, etc. We get it, we get it. It’s not the exciting city life most people would wanna live in. But at this point in our lives (tandercatz), the hubby and I just want a laid back life. We’re looking forward to road trips, nature trips (please dear God let me get used to peeing in a disgusting bathroom), and getting a dog! For the past month we have been daydreaming about our life in New Zealand, how we would walk our golden retriever in the evening, hold barbecues in our backyard (if we can afford a house), and just drive around staring at the mountains staring back at us.

We are just about starting the process of visas and all, so I will definitely be posting updates on the process and maybe give out some tips to those who are also interested in relocating. Until then, wish us luck!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “We’re Moving!

  1. JP says:

    ahhhhh… that kind of life.. away from the malls and hdbs.. away from just rotting in the room but getting acquainted with nature…… so want that too!!

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