Mission Bay

IMG_0102A friend of ours invited us over for lunch at Mission Bay.  The hubby and I had no idea what Mission Bay was, we just entered the address in our gps and off we went.  When we got there we were awestruck.  The place was beautiful.  It was a perfect beach within the city!  I wouldn’t necessarily go swimming because of the cold breeze (even during summer), but I wouldn’t mind sprawling out on the sand to catch some rays.  The sun was beautifully out that day, so there were a lot of locals sunbathing and swimming.  Yes, they can take the cold.

There are a lot of things to do around Mission Bay.  There are tons of cafes and restaurants with al fresco dining right across the street with a beach view.  We chose Mamma Mia, and Italian place that served this really good Garlic Pizza Bread.


Next time, I’d like to try renting a bike and biking around the beach.  But in the mean time, we just walked around to enjoy the view and the breeze. 🙂

IMG_0111 IMG_0121


Liza ❤


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