New Zealand Bloggers Network

I’ve been blogging for quite some time now. I first started with a “diary” type blog, talking about unsettling feelings and what not, and eventually evolved into a lifestyle/beauty blog. I didn’t start blogging to earn money or anything like that, it was something I just liked doing. It didn’t even bother me if only a handful of people (or like no one!) was reading my posts. Just writing and sharing experiences is something I enjoy. If my post helps even just one person, then I’m happy. But here’s one thing that I really love about blogging, meeting people who share the same passion as you. And I’m really glad that I was able to join communities, such as the New Zealand Bloggers Network, where you can mingle with like-minded people. I’m honored to be part of this group and can’t wait to attend my first meet-up! 🙂

Liza ❤
Instagram: @anythinggoesliz
Twitter: @anythinggoesliz


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