Mission Bay

A friend of ours invited us over for lunch at Mission Bay.  The hubby and I had no idea what Mission Bay was, we just entered the address in our gps and off we went.  When we got there we were awestruck.  The place was beautiful.  It was a perfect beach within the city!  I wouldn’t necessarily go swimming because of the cold breeze (even during summer), but I wouldn’t mind sprawling out on the sand to catch some rays.  The sun was beautifully out that day, so there were a lot of locals sunbathing and swimming.  Yes, they can take the cold.


There are a lot of things to do around Mission Bay.  There are tons of cafes and restaurants with al fresco dining right across the street with a beach view.  We chose Mamma Mia, and Italian place that served this really good Garlic Pizza Bread.


Next time, I’d like to try renting a bike and biking around the beach.  But in the mean time, we just walked around to enjoy the view and the breeze. :)

IMG_0111 IMG_0121


Liza <3

Practicing Bridal Makeup

This afternoon I practiced bridal makeup on myself.  Excuse the hair, when I’m home all day I just shove it in a headband and allow myself to look… well, like that.  Anyway, I got an inquiry on my bridal makeup services and we’ll be doing a trial next week.  Here’s how the look turned out.

It’s just a very natural look.  My idea for brides is for them to look fresh on their wedding day, and not to alter their faces.  But, if the bride prefers a more evening look, then that’s not a problem, it can be done. :)  It’s just my idea of bridal makeup, simple and youthful.  I prefer not to put any makeup on the lower lash line because brides, more often than not, cry during weddings.  So in order to avoid makeup running under the eyes, I avoid applying eyeliner or mascara on bottom lashes.  I wrote the makeup products I used below just incase you wanna try it yourself. :)

Preps – Mac Fix+

Primer – Bare Minerals Prime Time Foundation Primer

Foundation –   Face Shop Phytogenic Infinite Foundation and Bare Minerals Matte Foundation

Concealer – Benefit Erase Paste and Bare Minerals in Bisque

Eyebrows – K-Palette Real Lasting Eyebrow Pen in 01 and Kate Brow Mascara in LB-1

Eyes – Bobbi Brown Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow in Rose Gold for the lower part of the lids

           Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow in Chocolate Caviar for the crease

           Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow in Navajo for the brow bone

           Shu Uemura Liquid Eyeliner in Black

           Benefit They’re Real Mascara in Black

Lips – Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lip Liner in Nude

          Mac Lipstick in Angel

Contour – Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder in Medium 2 and Bare Minerals in Warmth

Cheeks – Bobbi Brown Blush in Plum

Now it’s your turn! Have fun! :)

Liza <3

Wedding Dress for Less

A lot of people I know spend heaps on wedding gowns.  There’s nothing wrong with that though.  If you have the budget, by all means, get that designer gown. :)  I’ll let you in on a little secret on how you can get married without spending your life savings on a wedding gown. Design it yourself.  Okay okay, you may be thinking, “But I’m not a fashion designer!”.  That’s what the internet is for.  That’s why people invented Google, Pinterest, and what not.

For my gown, what I did was, first, I decided what look I wanted.  Do I want to look like a princess, a 1920’s bride, a minimalistic bride?  From there, I started googling the type of gown I would want to wear.  You don’t even have to try to create an exact replica of a gown you find online. You can take the top part of a specific gown and combine it with the bottom of another gown.

Once you’ve decided what type of dress you want, look for a dressmaker.  You can start in the vicinity of your home.  Maybe there are some stay at home moms who sew and would love to make a wedding gown.  Or approach an upcoming designer who has not been given a break yet. :)

It would also be advisable to know your fabrics.  Visit a fabric store near you.  If you like a particular fabric, ask what it is, so that when you meet with your dressmaker, you can give them an idea on what types of fabrics you would like to work with.

Here are the two photos I sent to my dressmaker for my gown.

photo (1)
I believe this photo was taken from http://veluzbride.com/. I fell inlove with the skirt on this gown, so I asked my dressmaker if she can do something similar for my gown.
I can’t remember where I  got this photo from, but this was the photo we used for the top of my gown, sans the pink sash.

Aaaand… we were able to come up with this… tadahhhh!

167804_1709060120919_7594839_nWith the price I paid, which was roughly around 500 nzd when converted from php, I was very very happy with how it came out. :)

Liza  <3

How to De-stress Before Your Wedding Day

I have been seeing a lot of weddings on Instagram this February, and this made me think about my own wedding.  I remember it like it was yesterday, the excitement of planning, the joy of meeting your suppliers, and of course the stress of it all!  Many brides turn into bridezillas from the beginning of planning to the day of their wedding.  And that is the last thing every bride would want to be on their special day.  I, personally, tried my best to relax, starting the day before my wedding. Here are some tips that might also work for you to stay calm before your special day. :)

1. Hire a wedding planner.

This is the first step to having a stress-free wedding day.  Good wedding planners will work with you to have your dream wedding with the budget that you have, and, good wedding planners will absorb all the stress for you on the day itself. :)  I remember during my wedding, I had no idea that there were small issues that arose, and my wedding planner handled them all without having to inform me.  I was relaxed, while she, was not. ;p

2. Do as much as you can in advance.

Get your nails done a few days before the day, so you don’t have to squeeze that into your full schedule the night before your wedding.  Pick up whatever needs to be picked up from the supplier as soon as it’s ready.  Brief anyone that needs to be briefed about the wedding.

3. Forget you’re getting married tomorrow (on the day before the wedding).

You got that right! No, I don’t mean do something you’ll regret for the rest of your life! ;p What I mean is, just forget all the problems connected to your wedding.  Take some time to yourself (this may be the last time you’ll actually have time to yourself).  Watch a movie on your own, dine in a quiet restaurant, just do anything that will allow you to spend time with, yes, you. :)

4. Don’t see your groom the day before.

Try not to communicate or hang out with your groom-to-be the day before, so that the next time you see him, it will be when he’s waiting for you at the end of the aisle.  Trust me, all the excitement will replace any stress that you may be feeling on your wedding day.

5. Take a bubble bath.

The night before your special day, soak in an essential oils infused bath.  Lavender would be a good choice to calm those nerves.  Play some relaxing music, light some candles, and close your eyes and relax.

I hope that these tips can help you on your upcoming wedding. Good luck and best wishes! :)

Now, I leave you with some photos from my own wedding. Ahhh the memories you will be making on that day will be priceless. <3





47708_1506577858989_165624_n 58193_1506575898940_7456823_n

Liza <3

Fresh Off the Boat

We are finally here! And when I say here, I mean middle earth! We finally made it to New Zealand. After all the hardships we went through, we are finally here and have settled into our place.  When we first got here, our first reaction was, “Wow this is summer?! It’s friggin’ cold!!!!”  Summer temperature here is between 16 to 24 degrees Celsius, which is equivalent to the temperature of our air conditioner back in Singapore. Lol!  So, for the first few days, since our bodies were not accustomed to the cold summer weather yet, we wore long sleeve shirts or sweaters, and were practically the only people in the whole of Auckland looking like dumb butts in long sleeves. But now, we’ve upgraded to short sleeves. Naks! :D

Anyhoo, so many of you may be wondering, “So what is it like there?”  So far, from what we’ve seen and where we’ve been, living here reminds me of my days back in Cali.  The suburbs are filled with bungalows and pre-schools.  Very homey.  Also, most of the groceries are Price Club-y or Costco-ish, which I love, by the way!  If I could sum up this place in one word, it would be “Steady”.  And did I mention that the people are so friendly?? Everybody asks you how you are! Sometimes I’m actually tempted to tell them about my day!

Based on our first two weeks here in Auckland, I would say that it wouldn’t be so bad staying here.  It would actually be really great! So let’s see how this chapter in our lives unravel. :)

Beautiful picturesque Auckland :)


Circus Circus Cafe. A brunch place very near our place. :)
Driving on right hand drive roads. Challenging!!!
Must. Study. Road Code. =D

Liza <3

3 Reasons Why We Are Okay. Okay?

As I was preparing my coffee this morning, I left my phone in the room, so I was left pondering at the dining table. And I suddenly smiled to myself because I realized how lucky I am that I am in such a happy and content marriage. I do hope it’s a two-way thing! Baka ako lng pala masaya! So there I was, thinking, wow, it’s been a few years, 4 years, 3 months, 4 days, 18 hours, 36 minutes to be exact, and I actually don’t want to suffocate him with a pillow while he sleeps at night! I actually want to hug him and snuggle him while he sleeps. And while I was waiting for my coffee to finish, I realized I knew why we were in such a great stage in our marriage.

1. We are a team. We’re partners. We make decisions together. And if the decision we made was the wrong one, we don’t blame each other. We dust our shoulders and go, ‘Ehh! Better luck next time for us.’ And life goes on.

2. Aside from that, we also have a lot in common, like our love for video games, watching movies in the comfort of our own beds, walking aimlessly during travels, and all sorts of stuff. But of course there are also things that I like doing that he doesn’t and vice versa, in which we constantly support each other on, unless it becomes harmful to the relationship. 

3. Lastly, we accept each other for our quirks. My husband can be makulit. Like really makulit. He tends to pressure me a lot and reminds to do things during times I don’t want to be reminded. But I know he means no harm and he just wants me to get things done. So I know that his makulitness may never die down, so I’ve learned to accept it and taught myself to handle it (like taking a deep breath before replying to his message so I don’t go looney on him). And of course, he’s accepted my quirks too. Like how my fart stinks so much at night. Ooooops! Too much information! I’m kidding my fart smells like flowers! Seriously! Anyway, my point is, we didn’t get into this marriage to change the person in a drastic way, or turn them into someone they’re not, because, first of all, the person we fell in love with was that perfectly imperfect person (I’m quoting John Legend on that).

So, to sum it up, I know it hasn’t been ages since we got married, but I think if we keep things going the way they do, I think we’ll make it til the end, assuming he doesn’t die from my farts. :)

Liza <3

Psalm 55:22

“Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous fall.”

Today, I was inspired to open up my bible which was hiding in a small corner of our room in a fake book. You know, one of those books that are actually containers? And I felt guilty that I was hiding it all this time. Today, we got some bad news. It turns out my husband is sort of sick. And it will affect our application for the New Zealand visa. And this is why I took out my bible. I needed inspiration. I won’t delve into the details of his condition, but so far, everything is okay. But in the future, we may never know. I needed inspiration because 1) it’s very alarming to find out that something can be wrong with your partner, and 2) we may not be able to move to our dream country after all. At this point, we’re both very very sad. But at the same time, still hopeful. We still haven’t received the final verdict yet on our visa application, so there is still hope.

When situations like this arise, sometimes, I think that they do because my faith (and patience) is being tested. And I always try to stay strong in my faith. I always try to prove to God that I still believe He has a plan for us. It may not be what we hoped for, but He has a plan. So right now, that’s what keeps me going. Whether on not our New Zealand dreams push through, I know that whatever happens, it was in His plan. We’re still not giving up, and we’re still working with our doctors to try and be as healthy as we can be. Here’s to hoping, that one day, you will be reading posts of mine written from the land of Frodo! It would mean that the husband is healthy and our dreams have come true. :)

Liza <3

We’re Moving!

To my zillions and trillions and kajillion (which in my vocabulary translates to zero) readers out there, I have an exciting announcement! Nope, I’m not pregnant. That’s in another league of excitement. That would be like winning the lottery! This announcement is not as exciting, but the husband and I are so giddy about this topic. We’re moving to New Zealand!!!

Okay okay, I know most people are like, “It’s so boring there!”, “What are you gonna do there, tend to sheep?”, “What time do the malls close there?”, “It’s so far!”, etc. We get it, we get it. It’s not the exciting city life most people would wanna live in. But at this point in our lives (tandercatz), the hubby and I just want a laid back life. We’re looking forward to road trips, nature trips (please dear God let me get used to peeing in a disgusting bathroom), and getting a dog! For the past month we have been daydreaming about our life in New Zealand, how we would walk our golden retriever in the evening, hold barbecues in our backyard (if we can afford a house), and just drive around staring at the mountains staring back at us.

We are just about starting the process of visas and all, so I will definitely be posting updates on the process and maybe give out some tips to those who are also interested in relocating. Until then, wish us luck!! :)


Luci and I have been obsessing about a particular furniture/home décor store for a while now. We drool over their stuff on Instagram and dream of decorating our places with their stuff. So, when we had a meeting in the Kapitolyo area, we grabbed the chance to pass by their shop for the very first time. The place is called Heima. I have no idea how to pronounce it, Hey-ma, Hee-ma, whatevs! Basta yan spelling! :p Aaaand it was heaven for a girl, a nightmare for her husband if that’s what the girl wants for their apartment! :D I would categorize their stuff as shabby chic/hipster. And if your man is the typical masculine manly man, he will now allow you to decorate your place that way, or loves you so much, will allow you, but cringe from within.

But anyway, for us girls, their stuff are just way too cute!!!






The whole time we were there, we were daydreaming about putting up our own store and thinking of ways to decorate it! Libre lng naman mangarap! :)

1402363210_152515_IMG_8085Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset






Visiting the store was pretty fun because we got to play around with the stuff, and didn’t get in trouble for it. :p But remember, lovely to look at, nice to hold, if you break it, consider yourself broke. Kidding! :D The Heima we visited was located at Unit 103, Three Brixton Bldg. #3 Brixton Street Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City.


Liza <3


For those who don’t know, Luci is not my lover, but my business partner. We are both married… to men. :D